Dwarf Fortress: The Story of Morulakrel

8 May 2014

It has been 3 years since we’ve embarked to Morulakrel. Things are going well. We’ve grown to become a size of 150 dwarfs. We have a sustainable safe water supply from our cavern wells, and food supply from our underground farms. We use no magma as to avoid fire imps, and bones are processed ASAP and thrown out otherwise. The fortress is pretty much self sustainable.

No one enters the fortress, no one leaves the fortress. Seriously, there are too many ambushes around here, so there’s no way we can open the gates to let those 22 migrants inside. Sometimes we manage to let a trade caravan in, but lately it’s become a rather rare occasion.

This story begins with mayor Domas. Mayor Domas had no combat experience but he loved his armor stands. He’d mandated 9 to be made when he demanded yet another. This time he asked for a clear glass armor stand.

As a good ruler I went to the library and looked up how to set up a glass industry, because we had none. I told the manager we needed pearlash, ordered workshops to be built; only then to discover that we had no sand.

My militia commander rushed into my office (with his crutch with menacing spikes): ”The outside has been set aflame, the migrants are screaming and burning.”.

Ah yes, that’s when Fedi Irolirina Ciquarafaci arrived, the fearsome dragon. I reassured myself that all gates are closed, and thusly returned to more important matters such as finding sand. I ordered the miners to mine a patch of ice near the farms in hope of finding sand underneath. Alas’, all they found was more bloody peat. I thought ”perhaps the ice needs to melt first”, so I ordered them to mine the wall surrounding the ice, so that when summer’d come, the water would flow away and sand would be revealed underneath, so I hoped.

I returned to my other doings. In the end a new mayor was elected before the end of the demand, so all was well.

An elven caravan arrived, I opened the outside gate of the trade depot, the inside gate of the depot was already shut according to our safety procedures. Alas, by the time the elven caravan arrived at the depot, so did the dragon. Screams were heard, we shut the outside trade depot gates. Dragon 1 - Elves 0.

We weren’t going to get any more trading done with that dragon outside, so I ordered the construction of a new entrance to our fortress with a new trade depot guarded by 15 cage traps, with inner and outer bridge gates. ”With this we’ll capture the dragon”, I thought.

A few weeks later, Summer came, marking the start of disaster. Screams of terror came from the farm lands. I was informed that many dwarfs had bled to death.

The ice had melted, leaving an entrance to the farm level of the fortress through the upper level which was outside the fortress. The dragon had entered. I sent in The Cunning Salves armed with swords and fists; mostly fists. They died horribly, but most quickly. In the midst of all the chaos my masons built a wall sealing off the dragon’s new lair.


With our source of food no longer accessible and many dwarves lost, the remainder of dwarfs begun to despair. Anarchy spread throughout the fortress...


Then luck strikes us, immigrants arrive!


Fortunately the new entrance was finished in time for the migrants to enter. 3 courageous dwarves, appointed by me, tore down part of the outermost (old) wall, allowing migrants and other creatures to enter and walk into traps.


The migrants made it in safe and sound, after one of my minions explained them how to get past the traps without triggering them.

I made a squad of carefully selected individuals to guard the outside of the fortress.


Figure 1: The last column’s color denotes happiness

I reassured my militia commander that there’s no problem in giving angry dwarves weapons.

As they left the fortress they got a bit unlucky,


and were ambushed to death.

For some foolish reason civilian dwarves were leaving the fortress, I immediately ordered them to get back inside,


but for some of them it was surely too late.


I appointed 3 more squads of unhappy dwarfs, and they came out victorious! Most of them are now lying immobilised at the fortress entrance. Their heroism will be remembered!

I began to wonder why the dragon hadn’t come out yet. It turns out that the water at the hole to the farm had turned back into ice, trapping the dragon inside. All our 97 dwarves cheered, until I told them to dig a new path from the farm to the front of our traps.

Another wave of migrants arrived


The migrants made it into the fortress, and the path to the dragon was now cleared.


Since the dragon wasn’t coming out: to arms! I mean... fists.


The attack turned out to be not so effective.


though it did lure the dragon out.


Sadly none of the cage traps triggered though...


Everybody dies.

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